How to Make a First Aid Kit

One thing you can never ignore is safety. Whether it be your own safety, or that of your family or friends.

A good first aid kit is always very important, especially if you’re in the wilderness.

You can always go out and buy a premade first aid kit, but chances are that it is overpriced and lacking some essential items you will find yourself needing. On top of that, you most likely won’t get everything you need out of a single kit.

That’s why I’ll be providing you with a list of essentials.

The Basics:
• Bandages (Assorted sizes)
• Gauze
• Gauze Pads
• Medical Tape
• Q-Tips
• Antiseptic Wipes
• Burn Cream
• Anti-inflammatories
• Antibiotic cream
• Moleskin/Blister pads
• Tweezers
• Scissors
• Small Container of Rubbing alcohol

I also recommend bringing diarrhea and nausea medicine. It may seem strange, but you may drink some bacteria or parasite infected water if you didn’t filter it properly. I recommend checking out my other post on how to make water drinkable to prevent this:

Top 5 Methods to Make Water Drinkable

You may also want to bring some strong fabric in case you need to make an improvised splint in an emergency. You can always just buy a splint, and throw it in your bag.

I put most of my first aid kit in a Plano waterproof container to keep out any moisture. I also have one to store my fire-starting materials.

hiking first aid kit

I also recommend using a waterproof container to store your first aid material. If you’re interested in the Plano container I used, here is a link for them. They are very inexpensive, and very rugged. I’ve dropped mine several times and it has held up just fine.

Depending on your location and the weather, you may want to add more to your first aid kit such as;
• Bug Spray
• Sunscreen
• Aloe
• Antihistamines

Another great idea would be to pack tampons as well as your large gauze pads in case you need to stop bleeding fast from a deep wound. It may sound silly, but it works and it could even save your life.

Super glue could also be used for gashes that need to be sealed up quickly.

This is how I pack my first aid kit, and I would recommend a similar build for yours. Remember, you only want to pack your essentials. Keep in mind that you will be lugging it around with you so although it is necessary, you want to make sure that you pack wisely so that you do not weigh down your bugout bag.

If you feel that I forgot something, or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below.